Should you use the help of a professional or just take the pictures yourself? Does every member of the family need to be present, and should the parents get photographed too?
I’ll try to give the answers on all those questions. Of course, you can easily do without a newborn photo shoot, but kids grow up really, really quickly, especially in the first months and years. A newborn photoshoot can help save the memories and feelings, that you’re experiencing at the time. What’s important is not only the experience and professionalism of a person, who’s going to photograph your baby. That person needs to be crazy about their job and get along with kids well, both you and the baby need to be comfortable around them. They need to connect with the little one not only physically but emotionally.
Reviews. Read as many reviews, on all sorts of social platforms, as also personal sites. It’d be really great if you get the chance to talk with the people who’ve already worked with one of the photographers you’re considering. If your choice is a popular or famous in your city photographer, then it would be best to make arrangements with that much of a professional much earlier.
Price. Certainly, a photoshoot from a really good photographer isn’t cheap. Often, the props, that is being used in the sessions, is made from natural, soft materials. That exclusive, handmade work takes time. Surely, everyone works in their own ways. Some manage to take a huge amount of successful pictures in only an hour, but that’s quite rare. Not all children can fall asleep in a short period of time and stay that way throughout the entire session. Putting an accessory for a specific look is impossible if they’re awake. That’s why some photoshoots may take up to a whole three hours.
After that, I need to select the well-turned out pictures and edit them. It’s a long and careful process, which requires patience and time. Each picture is being edited separately and manually, you can’t just throw on a couple filters on all the pictures. That’s exactly why you shouldn’t be surprised at the expensive prices of the sessions.
Other than all that, the photos will stay with you for the rest of your life, and you won’t be sorry for the money well spent. Money comes and goes, but the wonderful feelings and emotions stay with you forever.

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